Dello Social App

I was the lead designer for Dello, a social app that empowers individuals to connect with others around them and experience meaningful moments.

Objective: Build an app that empowers users to connect with others.
Role: UI/UX, Ideation, Strategizing
Timeframe: 2017 - Ongoing
Tools: Photoshop and InVision
​​I began working on the social media app in November of 2016. My friend had flown in from Chicago and many of our conversations revolved around not being able to meet people near us who had similar interests. As a result of his visit, we created dello, and we have been working on it for the past few years. The app has has been through many iterations.
We wanted to tackle the problem of being alone in a city bustling with life.
The key to enabling genuine connections between people are moments, events that can be spontaneously created by those looking to connect. We decided to call our events "moments" because moments are impactful periods in time, and we wanted every meeting between users to be meaningful and memorable. We’re not interested in digital friends lists or posting to a wall — dello gets people out and helps them connect to other real people.
Development and work for the app has been delayed due to a lack of investors. I continuously go back to work on this project and look forward to connecting the world one day.
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